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MIDRES006 - Reaky - Progressive Psychoanalysis

Get those neurons in your brain firing with the dark and driving “Progressive Psychoanalysis” which comes at you in three distinct flavours. The two main versions are fueled by screaming acid-lines and buzzing drones coming from the dark recesses of your mind. Both versions share the main psychotic elements but with a significant difference. The "Original Mix" will cause you to hear voices in your head! Don't be afraid cuz there's the third and final version by Reaky’s alter-ego Reakson with the more techno-based style that goes with the name, this version is contemporary techno at its finest. A deep driving and bass-heavy growler with the recognizable flow from the original. Brutal.

MIDRES005 - Reaky - Surprise In The Woods

Reaky is back for the festival-season with a hardhitting two-track release that sets fire to dancefloor. Coming at you with a fresh original and a remix for the Israeli trance-legends Ace Ventura & Darma. Their hugely successful “Acidcore”, which was originally released on Echoes Records, is now transformed into a banging Reaky-interpretation of contemporary progressive psy. The new original track “Surprise in the Woods” is a classic Reaky style piece but with new tricks and flair to it. Stay on your feet and handle this one with care, cos you might end up dazed, confused and surprised in the woods.

MIDRES004 - The Digital Blonde & Reaky - Midnight Ride

MR label-owner Reaky teams up with The Digital Blonde, the British underground trance-legend also known for his work with John 00 Fleming as 00.dB. They deliver a superb driving psychedelic track that's deep and hypnotic, yet powerful and banging at the same time! The original mix is the main version with the full buildup and all the melodies, while the alternative mix has been stripped down to the bare essentials for maximum efficiency, mixability and energy. If you are a true lover of quality underground trance there's no doubt you will like where this ride will take you!

MIDRES003 - Reaky - Kata

Number 003 on Midnight Resurrection is certainly one of the most diverse releases Reaky has ever done. His creation "Kata" comes in three distinct flavors rarely seen together in one package. For the progressive psy-trance lovers there is the fast and driving "Katarza", while the original "Kata" is geared towards the slower groovy techno and tech-house dancefloors. In between comes "Kataklizma", a breakbeat-orientated transition from "Kata" to "Katarza" which contains the best from both sides. One song by one skilled artist, three completely different genres covered. Check it out!

MIDRES002 - Reaky - When It All Began

Reaky is back on his very own Midnight Resurrection imprint. Again with his signature driving trancy sound which makes crowds moving all around the globe. "When It All Began" is an unique mixture of many genres, with elements of progressive psytrance, techno, 80s electronic, progressive rock and much more. Remixes on this EP are by Nicholas Bennison, one of America's finest underground trance DJs/producers who has a successful DJ career spanning over 2 decades, and the legendary Swiss techno-producer Southsoniks, most known by his series of amazing melodic techno releases between the years 2002-2005. Bennison pushed the track one step further to a psychedelic kind of progressive trance while Southsoniks brings it back to tougher techno in his own classic style.

MIDRES001 - Reaky - Magnum Orca

The highly anticipated first release from Midnight Resurrection is by label-owner Reaky himself, and he lines up some of the undergrounds finest to remix his track “Magnum Orca”. A deep trancy cinematic breakdown, a driving rhythm filled up with a monstrous bass-line, chopped up vocals, catchy organ riff and psychedelic atmosphere, all wrapped together neatly in an epic original mix. The first remix is by one of the greatest American DJs: the legendary Christopher Lawrence who teamed up with his fellow L.A. trance and film score producer Sean J Morris and deliver their unique "Pharmacy Music" style progressive trance sound. Next up is Activa, one of the hottest trance-producers from the UK whose music has been heavily supported by many top trance DJs. He effortlessly transformed the track into his own interpretation of contemporary progressive psy trance. Last but not least is the Retro Mix which is Reaky's own faster and more oldschool version of the track which has been modified to its final completion and ready to rock the tougher dance-floors. All together the MidRes 001 definitely is an action-packed and well-varied release making any trance-connoisseur lick their fingers before they can even get their hands on it.

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